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Room syle button
Room Style button

The Room Style panel allows you to change the visual style of your room.


The color of the sky in your room.

Fog Thickness

This is how far you can see in the gallery. Increasing the fog thickness can improve rendering performance in the gallery.

Avatar Colors

With this color-picker tool you can specify two different avatar colors. This is useful for setting artists or curators to a special color.


This selector allows you to choose default light or drak floors, or any image you have uploaded to the room.

Floor Subdivisions

This is useful for setting the size of an image as the floor. The subdivision number is the number of times an image tile is repeated on the floor. If the number is low, the image tiles will be big. If the numbers are high, the image tiles will be small.

Custom JavaScript

This field allows you to write JavaScript that runs in your room before the gallery initializes. This is useful for adding custom interactivity to your room, and for accessing hidden features that are not part of the editor. There's a dedicated page in the documentation for this field, including scripts submitted by users.