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Provincial Skinflint

Within the World Titled Miss Sammie's Painted Garden
Credited to Sammie Veeler & Jurrell Lewis
Opening date February 25th, 2021
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This installation contains music from Provincial Skinflint, Field Collage, and Sammie Veeler hidden amid the landscape painted by Jurrell Lewis.

Provincial Skinflint is the first art work by Tvordis Veeler: Sammie's former projected male persona.

Field Collage is more a technique than a name. The cut up music Tvordis made with Provincial Skinflint, but applied to field recordings instead. Sound pictures of spaces. Three of the paintings that makes up this installation were also used as album covers.

The tape works are gifts from Sammie to friends in the year before she transitioned.

The three time periods of sound overlap unpredictably.