Virtual Art Space

New Art City is an online place to experience digital art together.

  • Each exhibition is a 3D multiplayer website built using our online editor toolkit.
  • Artists & exhibition designers upload files, arrange their space and collaborate in real-time. No coding required.
  • Exhibition visitors access online via a web browser, with no need to register or install anything.

Want to Create a Show?

New Art City is still in private beta and we are accepting a limited number of users.

On View:

Disembodied Behaviors

Curated by Zaiba Jabbar and Valerie Amend, presented in collaboration with bitforms gallery.

Disembodied Behaviors celebrates the potential of digital individuals, who range from avatars imbued with cultural memory to AI narrators, to dismantle predictive structures of power. Selected works by Julie Béna, Vitória Cribb, Kumbirai Makumbe, LaJuné McMillian, and Alicia Mersy implement measures of social critique to reject self-fulfilling prophecies and commodified capital applied to populations. Personification acts as a tool to breathe life into data archives and abandoned materiality. Artworks advance autonomy through the unraveling of established binaries, proposing future landscapes in virtual space. These environments are offered as a six-room, multi-user experience hosted in New Art City, an online art space for works of new media. Within this digital atmosphere, each artist has created a site-specific installation that invites viewers to explore their work in an embodied 3D space. Read full press release.

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