Virtual Art Space

New Art City is a virtual exhibition toolkit for digital art.

We are an online space for artists, curators, educators and organizers to install and publish digital art in custom 3D worlds for the web browser.

Built by a small independent team of artists and designers, New Art City's goal is to solve problems for digital artists and create an easy to use and broadly accessible space for digital art.

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3D, multiplayer and customizable.

Every space is designed and built by users, who include artists, curators, students and cultural organizers.

No coding experience required.

Upload your media and arrange it with our drag and drop editor.

Built for collaboration.

Install the work with friends in real time and keep everyone organized with advanced collaboration tools.


New Art City will never put advertising on your virtual space or sell your personal data. Instead, New Art City is supported by users and partner organizations. Help us grow a new future for creative websites.


Free Trial
  • One space inside a single world
  • 40mb total uploads
  • 5 collaborators


  • Unlimited spaces inside two worlds
  • 100mb upload per space
  • 10 collaborators
  • Livestreams
  • Scheduled openings
  • Password protected worlds

Sustaining Member

  • Unlimited spaces inside up to five worlds
  • 100mb upload per space
  • 50 collaborators
  • Livestreams
  • Scheduled openings
  • Password protected worlds

Single Class

  • 50 Seats
  • Unlimited virtual spaces per seat
  • Invite students via single link
  • Organization management tools
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  • 250 Seats
  • Unlimited virtual spaces per seat
  • Invite students via single link
  • Organization management tools
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  • 1,000 Seats
  • Unlimited virtual spaces per seat
  • Invite students via single link
  • Organization management tools
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Commercial Projects

Variable Pricing

New Art City can be used as a white-labeled virtual multiplayer space for your for-profit projects and client work. We also offer build-out and consulting services.

Let's discuss your work and how we can help.

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Artist-Focused Gallery Features

Visitors can quickly access your work on desktop and mobile without signing up, logging in or downloading.
Upload art and install together with friends.
Livestream performances in 3D.
Collect documentation with crowd-sourced screenshots.
Host up to 300 simultaneous visitors for large events.
Ask for donations before entering a space.
Collect notes or feedback in the guestbook.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my artwork when I cancel my membership?

The only thing that changes when you cancel your membership is you lose edit access to your space. If your world has been published, it will remain accessible indefinitely from the normal URL. You can still view your edit page and download any assets you have uploaded to New Art City. You will regain edit access if you sign back up.

Are virtual exhibitions accessible to everyone?

Our no-code editor makes it easy for anybody to build a 3D website regardless of prior experience with 3D modeling or game design. Anybody can visit a New Art City exhibition after it is published using web browsers and mobile devices. Our catalog view is designed to be accessible for visitors who use screen readers.

What is the difference between a space and a world in New Art City?

Worlds are containers for spaces. For exhibitions which require more than one 3D space, they are grouped within worlds. For example each artist in a group show could have a space in a world for the exhibition, or artworks could be grouped thematically in different spaces.

Which exhibitions are posted to the homepage?

While all published exhibitions are available at their URLs, the shows on the New Art City homepage are subject to our curatorial discretion. Submit your space for review and promotion and we will promote work which meets our curation goals.

Can I sell my art on New Art City?

We have no built-in tools for e-commerce or NFT sales, but each artwork object on New Art City has a hyperlink field which allows you to link to any external site where you are selling your work.

What are the communication features?

When you sign up and create a handle, it becomes visible over your avatar and in the chat window of each space. Every space has a built in group chat, and a guestbook where visitors can leave comments and screenshots taken in the space.

What does my membership contribution to new New Art City support?

Support from our users enables us to continue building the core functionality of the toolkit. We also reinvest contributions to develop our artist residency and accessibility program.