Virtual Art Space
ȶ๏๏Ꮄ ʄཞยςӄ

ȶ๏๏Ꮄ ʄཞยςӄ

ȶ๏๏Ꮄ ʄཞยςӄ

Installation in Progress.

Opens 3/28/2022, 11:01:00 AM

A foOoOodddddd BASeD BusinESs SimUlATiOn TO AaaaaaahMmmuse yOur mmMOuTH. mmMM.mmM.Mmmm! cRuNcH ThosE nuMmmBERS.!

"a bouse-mouche (/əˌmuːzˈbuːʃ/;"
exhibition no2
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Wearz the🍖?
the🍖 = a virtual food truck simulation
the🍖 = a food pyramid scheme facilitating the exploration of digital art by artists based in the physical realm
the🍖 = a falafel endeavor into the Joy of Art-making

digital putrefaction via food-based experimentation

pavilion #61 in The Wrong Biennale no5

Current and Upcoming Artists:
Amber Bowen
Aurélie Bayad
Christina Dietz
Ellie Mac
France Rreally
Hanna Washburn
Joseph Vincent Annino
Leah Simmons
Michelle LaFrance
Mina Barden
Neil Daigle Orians
Velianna Catalano

Curated by:
Qasi BABb Pink
Nicholas Carbone

Special thanks to JoViAn 4 3D.iT

Open Call - email for an 3mpl0y33_@ppl!c@t!0n