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Hybridizations β€” Lab 01

Hybridizations β€” Lab 01

Mafe Izaguirre

Installation in Progress.


'Hybridizations' is an open posthuman laboratory.

During my residency at the Foreign Objekt Posthuman Lab, I set out to investigate the internal nature of the hybrid form. A chorus of hybrid voices emerged from the posthuman soul, celebrating the universal spirit. By bringing humans, non-humans, and machines’ chants together in a virtual space, a chaotic system of references emerges. We lose ourselves in a network of symbols and substances that help us to hear more clearly the inaccessible possibilities of language. The collective sound resulting from my recordings became a reminder: We all share the nuclei of existence. We are all interconnected, composing a larger symphony. We are part of something bigger than ourselves. We are the same organism, although made up of different entities. In a continuum, we vibrate.

The hybrid chorus creates a sense of unified awareness, a constantly transforming code only revealed in diversity. A repertoire of timeless echoes, each with its own unique frequency. Some voices are high and precise, while others are low and deep. Some echoes are soft and melodic, while others are harsh and dissonant. The audio memories compose a complex soundscape that contains all things.