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Catalog view is the alternative 2D representation of our 3D virtual art space. This page is friendly to assistive technologies and does not include decorative elements used in the 3D gallery.

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Within the World Titled
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Opening date November 30th, 2021
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Senu -
Fat Frumos -
Lloydfears -
Neutralised -
&& Livestream HERE 12 CET 4 24 HOURS X__X

buy no armour for your royal youth ↓
gleem in the eyes a radiant ray.
golden sceptres on every side
to hold us up
and gently sway

Richardstrasse 10, 12043

As with all of our nights all proceeds are split equally between all artists with unrar members only taking one share collectively.
At this night we will also be donating one share of the profits to charities that benefit the victims of the invasion of Ukraine and also of the recent earthquakes on the Turkey / Syria boarder.

3D Environment Description:

A floating TV, a floating TV remote. The world around is a cracked and broken screen.