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Catalog view is the alternative 2D representation of our 3D virtual art space. This page is friendly to assistive technologies and does not include decorative elements used in the 3D gallery.

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Within the World Titled Flowers For Moody People
Credited to House of .F.F.M.P.
Opening date December 1st, 2020
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Main image for HYBR1D ART J0URNAL [ART]

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Seeing Sounds

Artist name Portrait XO (visuals: LEVESQUE)
Artwork Description:


Seeing Sounds What does sound look like? I went down the rabbit hole with Portrait XO’s AIV1 and popped out of the other end with what you see here. Upon first listen of the album and AI samples I wondered if artificial intelligence could feel music the way I feel music. Or, was this concept album pumping though my headphones and into my veins the result of incredibly clever calculations sans consciousness? The end result most certainly contains soul but how much of that is Portrait XO’s soul vs AI? Also, does the answer to that question really matter? AI, collaborator or tool? Paint brush, collaborator or tool? Nature, collaborator or tool? The answer depends on how you view the world around you.

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Artwork title


Artist name Portrait XO
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