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山人山,山合山 Being or Between

Within the World Titled 山人山,山合山Being or Between
Credited to Wang Yu Ting
Opening date April 6th, 2022
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Main image for 山人山,山合山 Being or Between

3D Environment Description:



People live between mountains, and mountains cling to mountains.

During the years when the artist lived in eastern Taiwan, she has heard different narrations of Dulan Mountain, whether in terms of its culture, spirituality, or belief. She unconsciously began to be curious about Dulan Mountain and started to develop the work Being or Between. In this work, the artist analyzes, explores, experiences, and feels this mountain from all aspects, which inspired her to contemplate the stories, concepts, and imaginations created based on the relationships between people and mountains. The artist looks to find out the state of mind hidden behind these narrations.