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山人山,山合山 Being or Between

Within the World Titled 山人山,山合山Being or Between
Credited to Wang Yu Ting
Opening date April 6th, 2022
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3D Environment Description:

Being Oe Between

Interactive virtual space, 3D model, Computer-generated imagery,3D scanning, human voice




都蘭山對於幾千年前的人來說,似乎也有關聯的可能,卑南遺址從1945年歷經多次調查、搶救、發 掘,出土許多台灣史前人類的物質遺留,這些物質遺留可以說明,卑南遺址是台灣罕見的大型史前 聚落。卑南遺址發掘出幾千具幾千年前的人,他們個別趟在由石板拼接而成的長形空間,他們躺下 的方向都是東北-西南的走向,死者的腳朝著東北,也就是坐起後,他們都面向都蘭山。 西元2003年「卑南遺址與都蘭山」入選為臺灣世界遺產潛力點,入選的原因大致上為:都蘭山可能 為史前族群的聖山、應將遺址與都蘭山納入調查研究、保護區域等,其中都蘭山是史前族群聖山的 關鍵說法,正是死者的方向一致都面向都蘭山,但這終究是現代人的詮釋,還是史前真相?其中有 許多細節值得被疏離及探討,然而本件作品主要探究的是,「卑南遺址與都蘭山」這個命題的背後 邏輯及脈絡。
這件作品是由創作者駐地生活,與當地原住民聊天、訪談,並多次爬都蘭山,把身體與山的互動, 以及與人的交流作為重要材料,並以3D掃描、聲音、數位影像等進行創作。其中一件作品是由3D掃 描現實自然環境的數位模型,與透過電腦製作的3D模型搭建的虛擬場景,空間中出現的聲音,正是 都蘭部落老人家,透過他們的母語,闡述都蘭山的故事,而另一位女性的聲音為都蘭部落的女性, 她正翻譯老人家又中的傳說。創作者企圖降低傳說用來傳遞內容的功能性,而轉化成有關人類記憶 歷史的聲音。

People live between mountains, and mountains cling to mountains.
During the years when the artist lived in eastern Taiwan, she has heard different narrations of Dulan Mountain, whether in terms of its culture, spirituality, or belief. She unconsciously began to be curious about Dulan Mountain and started to develop the work Being or Between. In this work, the artist analyzes, explores, experiences, and feels this mountain from all aspects, which inspired her to contemplate the stories, concepts, and imaginations created based on the relationships between people and mountains. The artist looks to Iind out the state of mind hidden behind these narrations.
There are many mountains surrounding the Taitung area, such as the Central Mountain Range, Mt. Sige, and Mt. Luan. Among them, the Mt. Dulan has been regarded, by indigenous people, as a rather important mountain, and can also be recognized as a birthplace of migrating route onto the Puyuma Tribe who dwells in the southwest of the Mt. Dulan, and to the Doulan Tribe who lives in the east side, the Mt. Dulan is deemed as the mountain god.
To the people who lived in thousands of years ago, the Mt. Dulan was likely having some correlation with them. Through several investigations, rescues, and excavations since 1945, the Beinan Archaeological Site has been unearthed with many objects left by prehistoric mankind in Taiwan, by which, these remnants could specify that the Beinan Archaeological Site used to be a large-scale, prehistoric colony rarely seen in Taiwan. This site has unearthed thousands of people from thousands of years ago. They were each laid on slabs of stone pieced together to form a long space. They all lay in the same direction along the north-east/south-west axis. The feet of the dead point towards north-east. So when they sit up, they face Mount Dulan.
In 2003, the Beinan Archaeological Site and the Mt. Dulan in Taiwan were elected as a potential site to apply for the title of world heritage, the reason of which is, the Mt. Dulan could be the sacred mountain onto the prehistoric tribes. Hence, the Beinan Archaeological Site and the Mt. Dulan shall be subsumed as the reservation area for further investigation and research. The critical legend about the Mt. Dulan being deemed as the prehistoric tribes’ sacred mountain is verified because all of the deceased are buried and facing to the Mt. Dulan; nevertheless, is it the moderns’ interpretation or a prehistoric fact? There are still remaining lots of details to be explored and sorted out. This work is mainly to explore the logic and context behind the thesis of “the Beinan Archaeological Site and the Mt. Dulan”.
To create this work, the artist resides at and lives in the job site to communicate with the local aboriginals, climb the Mt. Dulan many a time, and use the 3D scan, acoustics, and digital image to depict the interaction of body and mountain and the communication of human beings as an important element of the work. One of his works is the digital mold, which is using 3D technique to scan the realistic nature environment and using 3-D mold to create the virtual scenes through the computer production; the voice coming from the space (a hollow part) is the Doulan tribe’s greybeard telling a story of the Mt. Dulan through his mother tongue, and the other voice is the tribe’s female translating the greybeard’s story. The creator intends to decrease the legend to pass down the content capabilities and transform into the historic voice in regard to the human memory.