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Beneath the Neural Waves 1.2

Sofia Crespo x Entangled Others Opened March 17th, 2021 View 3D Gallery
Poster image for Beneath the Neural Waves 1.2


This project explores biodiversity through an attempt at creating (digitally) an aquatic ecosystem as a means of attempting to engage with the very abstract concept of relationship. Rather than merely presenting an aquatic, generative world, this project allows the viewer to explore the ecosystem as a virtual avatar that isn't entirely neutral in their presence.

In the virtual exhibition specimens of corals from beneath the neural waves are arranged in phylogenetic trees that display their speculative evolution. Around them generated fish swim by, careful where you tread, however, you might just scare them if you get too close!

Thanks to Jack Julian (@_julianjack on instagram) for the aquatic soundtrack!

Special thanks to Joel Simon.

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