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Warning: Explosive Material-Please Enter!!

Within the World Titled Corsica Schemata - 3.0
Opening date October 11th, 2023
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Output Field joins Schemata in curating Exquisite World: a collaborative exhibition. Go to on opening day: March 26th.

Warning: Explosive Material. Please Enter is an audiovisual exploration of world-building in context with subversion, subculture, and queerness. This room makes digital the formative potential behind destruction and errata. These actions break old spaces while creating new ones.

With this lens, Alejandro Junyao Zhang explores space through glitched sculpture and distorted sound. The space features quotes from writers Legacy Russell, Jack Halberstam, Frederico Campagna, and Alejandro Junyao Zhang himself. Inside this room, his sculpture moves with motion capture data from IOR50’s queer motion capture library.

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3D Environment Description:

Green, glitchy angels dance across a watery floor, moving erratically in a loose swarm.

Artworks in this space:

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Let's Vomit

Artist name Oil Nature
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Artwork Description:

Featured are thoughts and theories around worldbuilding: examining space the context of subculture, queerness, and technology.

Sculpture and Sound by Alejandro Junyao Zhang. Featuring quotes from:

Alejandro Junyao Zhang, Exploring the Visibility of Queerness in China through Creating Space with Post-Club Aesthetics
Legacy Russel, Glitch Feminism
Jack Halberstam — In a Queer Time and Place: Transgender Bodies, Subcultural Lives.
Federico Campagna, The End of the World(s), RIBOCA2