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Space Title

Wisdoms for Love 3.0

Within the World Titled Gray Area Festival 2021
Credited to Keiken
Opening date October 20th, 2021
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Wisdoms for Love 3.0 is a web-based video game by Keiken from a larger world-building project titled Metaverse: We Are At The End Of Something. Developed in collaboration with obso1337 and rendered with Ryan Vautier, this interactive work features mocap performance by Sakeema Crook and sound design by Khidja. Rooted in a decision-making based gameplay,the player uses wisdom tokens (of which there are 100 in total) to help navigate to Love 3.0. The game explores the bubbled-up feelings, compressed consciousness, and fervent beliefs of the contemporary moment, where the desire for change and a more equitable and decentralized future is collectively being challenged. This piece asks: What wisdom do we need to get to Love 3.0 not just Web 3.0? What kind of decentralized systems do we want in our base reality (the Earth), and the metaverse? And how do we access global kin-making for the future of humanity?

Keiken, meaning “experience” in Japanese, is a cross-dimensional collaborative practice based in London and Berlin and founded in 2015 by artists Tanya Cruz, Hana Omori and Isabel Ramos; they frequently work with many other collaborators. Through moving-image, new media installation, virtual/augmented reality and gamified performance they test-drive impending futures in the realms of the physical and digital - phygital.

3D Environment Description:

You materialize on an endless ocean. Before you, an elderly woman figure moves restlessly, shifting weight from foot to foot. She is the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is wearing a transparent garment that is made out of a transparent, reflective, glassy texture. She is pregnant, and in her transparent womb there is a small, metallic pink bridge. On the bridge, the words "Difficult Conversations" are written in bright yellow cursive font. Scattered loosely around her, large knifes float in mid air above the steel-blue water below. Each one has the words "CENTER POINT" written in white block letters. Each knife has abstract colors and shapes covering them. In the distance, behind the Divine Mother, Keiken's video piece for Wisdom's for Love 3.0 plays on a widescreen display. The screen is very large, larger than life, and casts a strong reflection on the water below. The sky is pale, and gray fog obscures the distance.

Artworks in this space:

Artwork title

Divine Mother

Artist name Keiken