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Catalog view is the alternative 2D representation of our 3D virtual art space. This page is friendly to assistive technologies and does not include decorative elements used in the 3D gallery.

Space Title

Last Year

Within the World Titled Landscapes: KHK Kassel: New Media, Games and Animation
Credited to Joshua Gundlach
Opening date July 14th, 2021
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Main image for Last Year


A year of quarantine, a year of isolation, a year of fear for the future.

A year of productivity, a year of anticipation, a year of creation.

This year I graduate.
Next year, who knows?

3D Environment Description:

A space with blue fog that is built vertically. Bookshelves surround you, frozen statically as they seem to be falling down or up. At the bottom are a table and chairs, the same up above. In the center, a room without floor stands with humanoid figures surrounding you in a circle.

All throughout the hall, flat images like windows or artwork on the wall surround you, playing animations or static images.

Artworks in this space:

Artwork title


Artist name 3D Unity Mini-Game
Artwork Description:

What may be in the box?

Find out by playing!
A 3D render of a cardboard box with a label on top, reading "Käfer" (German for bug).
Artwork title

The Garden

Artist name Real-time Unity 3D Recording
Artwork Description:

A garden walk.

There is no audio.

Artwork title

ECHO. Stimmen aus der Isolation

Artist name Watercolor Illustration
Artwork Description:

Interviews with disabled people about the isolation of the pandemic. 


Michaela Englert und Dirk Sorge: Idee, Konzeption und Koordination
Alena Kühn: Beratung, Künstler:innen-Begleitung und Organisation
Joshua Gundlach: Illustrationen und Grafik Design
Förderung und Träger
Träger des Projekts ist:

BRAND – Verein für theatrale Feldforschung e.V.
Weserstraße 78
12059 Berlin

Check out the ECHO project
A 2D illustration in watercolors. There is a fire bowl, painted in a bluish grey, standing on stylized green grass. Orange-red flames shoot up large from the cylindrical bowl.
Artwork title

The Quarry

Artist name Joshua Gundlach, Tony Loon, Natali Panic-Cidic
Artwork Description:

The Quarry explores the lives of currently three individuals that are left behind by the mainstream expectations for a "good sustainable lifestyle". These expectations are not always reasonable or accessible.

Play for free on
A game screenshot of a 3D room environment. A yellow door with a question mark on it, with a bench and red coat next to it. There is a fancy persian rug on the floor.
Artwork title

Grief as a Non-Euclidean Experience

Artist name 3D Unity Labyrinth Game
Artwork Description:

A 3D atmospheric experience of grief and how time passes in the first acute painful period of time.

Play the game here
Artwork title


Artist name 2D Adobe Animate
Artwork Description:

Some days all I want to do is step away from the screen, walk through the park by my home and enjoy nature. Made as an exercise in digital 2D animation and blending twine with frame-to-frame.

As a simple piano melody plays, you see a 2D animation begin with the title "Sea-Side" on the screen. The camera zooms in along a small road with rows of trees lining the sides and a lake appearing at the horizon, framed with mountains. Cut. You are at the lake now. As the water moves and glistens with reflections, a bird flies overhead. Then a hand comes into view, holding a red camera and pointing it at the water. The music ends and the clip loops.

View the animation and others on youtube here!
Artwork title


Artist name 2D Unity Sidescroller
Artwork Description:

A little short game about medical gatekeeping and prejudice against disabled and chronically ill people. 

Play here in Browser!
A screenshot from a 2D-Flappy Bird style game. A small, cartoonish human figure is jumping around the screen. They have black hair, dark skin and are wearing blue pants and a white shirt. 
The background is clinical with white tiles, a large chart of a circulatory system on the wall. There are red bars around the screen, saying
"If you have the symptom in my office, you are faking."
"You just want drugs"
"if you cannot perform the symptom in my office, you are faking"

There is also a text that says "Progress: 4/10"
Artwork title

Odd One In

Artist name 3D Unity Puzzle
Artwork Description:

A game about prosopagnosia ("face blindness"). You control a ball and touch the face that matches the one on the mirror. 

Play the game here!
A 3D game screenshot. The room is red and blue. Five floating faces are lined up in front of the camera, with a sixth one on a mirror that stands atop a cabinet. There is a white ball on the floor. 
There is also an X in the bottom left corner and a re-load symbol in the top left.
Artwork title


Artist name 2D Unity Dress-Up Game
Artwork Description:

A dress-up game with the face. 

Try it out here!
A screenshot from a 2D game. Black line art on white background, with a face, two matching eyes and eyebrows, a mouth and a nose scattered across the screen.
Artwork title


Artist name 2D Unity Dress Up Game
Artwork Description:

A simple dress up game for facial features.

Play for free on
A screenshot from a 2D game where various facial features have been aligned to make a portrait. A person with purple hair and a dark hue skintone with a little purple beard, no eyebrows and orange glasses.
Artwork title


Artist name Multi-Media Comic
Artwork Description:

I decided to make a very personal story: my own. Transparency is a autobiographic comic about my personal experience growing up and realising I was transgender.

Read the comic here!
A digital linework drawing of myself, a young man with curly hair, wearing a suit. I have a comical moustache drawn onto my upper lip and a kippah on my head. In my hands, I am holding an embroidered tapestry with two large candles and a woman covering her eyes. In the bottom corners are two magen david. 
"I started to feel more comfortable expressing myself in my community, artistically and theatrically. 
I made a tapestry about shabbat and played in the purim spiel. 
My first stage presence in a few years."
Artwork title

Femme Boy

Artist name Armenian Needlelace and Embroidery
Artwork Description:

After making a circle of needlelace, I mounted and embroidered over top of it. 

Other examples of my fibre art
A circle of white armenian needlelace, sewn to a black piece of fabric with the portrait of a feminine, bearded figure over top. Roses line their face and they have a green crown of gras on their head. Their skin is quite dark, the roses are a pale pink and their beard is the same green as the stems and the crown.
Artwork title


Artist name Blender 3D Animation
Artwork Description:

About anxiety and grief, my most challenging 3D animation to date.

No audio

Watch the video on Youtube
Artwork title


Artist name My final project
Artwork Description:

A 3D Unity project about experiencing the world with a twist: you get to dive into how the world might look to someonw who is neurodiverse. The struggles, the coping mechanisms and the beauty.

Play the latest version on
A screenshot from a 3D game. A classroom filled with students of various ethnicities, each with very stylized line work faces. They each sit at a table with two books and papers on it. Everyone looks very similar, with similar hair, clothes and faces.