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Catalog view is the alternative 2D representation of our 3D virtual art space. This page is friendly to assistive technologies and does not include decorative elements used in the 3D gallery.

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Within the World Titled Agog-alyptic
Credited to Linda Loh
Opening date July 6th, 2021
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Agog-alyptic is an experimental work derived from the virtual reality project “Agog”, 2021. That work is an exploratory experience in a sublime space with luminous and color-saturated structures towering above and around, with various perceptual phenomena and sound to explore and encounter. [See short introduction video and VR links].

This work has morphed into a maximal “horror vacui” version of Agog, with a moody atmosphere and tighter space and scale. It takes on a life of its own, inviting exploration up and down levels, underworlds, midworlds and aerial spaces, traversing the terrain, passing through surfaces into the interior of luminous forms. In the outer spaces, residual structures appear, as if abandoned in a desert.

Like Agog, there is no narrative or defined route. Flying around up high, down low or diagonally, encountering a variety of forms and sounds, expect to lose orientation in these non-ordinary fantastical spaces.

Visual art and sound: Linda Loh.
Sound is best with headphones.

3D Environment Description:

Beginning in a blue-black tinted cavernous space, peach-orange streaks of luminosity highlight the bumps in its surface all around. The “floor” is like a rich multi-colored blanket, suggesting a patchwork pattern, perhaps a grid form but with the lines are more curved.

A steady, deep drone sound emanates. All sound is best with headphones.

It is not clear where to go.

Ahead is a small silver textured glimmering sphere, as if a marker to move towards, floating at the top of a slightly luminous arch. The forward keys take you straight through this, opening out to a “landscape” view, with a multitude of various forms, some familiar, like textured cones, spheres, and cubes; others are more amorphous, perhaps blobby “rocks”, pleated planar forms and spirals. Some of these have colored moving image on them, often iridescent. Others have textured abstract images over them, and inside, all with rich, varied color. Many of them are enclosed by high jagged planar structures, towering above and around. These “walls” are largely orange and dark green tones, but multiple colors surround the edges. They enclose an undulating multi-toned textured “terrain”, which is raised as a level above the “floor”. Many of the above mentioned forms jut above and below the terrain and floor. Traversing this mid level between the terrain and the floor reveals a cross section of spaces and forms to navigate around or go inside. This level also contains some planar “screens” with flickering moving images; one looks like a rainbow, except for its colors, which vary from orange, to blue, green, yellow, purple and pink, as well as grey.

Large scale striped 3d tubular “scribble” forms occupy the spaces above and below the horizontal “terrain” and “floor” levels. One is more luminous and goes down deep below, where a single drone sound plays. Another is positioned aerially, up high. Flying up to its highest point in the “sky” a choral sound can be heard.

Also up high in the aerial space are 2 small spheres, with luminous glitchy video on them. They are almost a surprise encounter. The sound of many voices, possibly children's, comes out of one, and a muffled mix of sounds including voices is audible near the other.

A variety of other miscellaneous sounds are heard as you transition through the space.

Outside the main walled area the colored floor extends to the horizon of inky blue haze. On each side are some complex fragmented shapes, without color on them, seeming to lie on the ground, as if they are wind-eroded rock forms residual in a desert. They are surrounded by their own drone sounds and you can explore inside and around them.

Sometimes when moving around at certain angles, the “ground” disappears altogether, revealing an expanse of space with the surrounding forms suspended, as if floating, in the inky-blue haze.