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Media Archaeology Lab's KidPix Art Show

Media Archaeology Lab Opened March 11th, 2022 View 3D Gallery Media Archaeology Lab Support Fund!
Main image for Media Archaeology Lab's KidPix Art Show


We love KidPix! There are some pieces of software that have a particular sort of nostalgic attachment, a way of resting in the consciousness of even those who may never have used them.

These pieces are all submitted by the community and represent a wide range of artist ages, skill levels, and levels of familiarity with the program. They also represent a wide range of artistic styles and content choices.

While there is no explicit work in the exhibit, there are some themes that may be upsetting including knives, skulls/skeletons and bugs. Please use your own discretion.

Artworks in this space:

... (dot, dot, dot)

Ben Sisto (he/him/his)

From the artist: Kicked off by me; executed by Kid Pix. A collaboration with the in-browser app version. I noticed with the 'dot splash' tool, holding the mouse down meant Kid Pix just kept adding more dots; it felt very painterly — Damien Hirt's spots, Yayoi Kasama, and all that...but still true to the nature of the app and fun of the prompt. A time limit to frame the idea a bit more: Noticed Kid Pix was created 33 years ago in '89...It happens that 1989 divided by 60 (seconds) was also about 33 (33.15). So, 33-ish minutes felt right. I opened the app, selected the dot-splash tool, set a timer for 33-ish minutes, and placed a weight on my mouse to keep the button depressed. I screen recorded this, if you ever want that, too. My submission to this show is the image as it looked when I eventually released the button, around 33 min in. I think it draws about 6 dots a second; hard to say for sure as some are white. But if that's the average, then 33 min x 60 sec x 6 dots per sec = 11,880 dots.

A rectangular frame completely filled with different colored and sized dots.


Clara Bower

this was the best game on the school computers, back in my elementary school days, and I'm delighted to discover it still slaps.

a pixelated abstract streetscape, in purples and teals. headlights come toward the viewer on the right side, and taillights go away on the left. purple lights line either side.


Logan K. Young
A field of broken green vertical and horizontal lines over a black background. The top left corner has been "swirled" to give a wavelike effect, causing some lines to curve.

Pod Clock

Nikki Biefel
A figure in the center wears a hat, vest, white shirt, and grey pants, with a belt that has pouches and a backpack. The background is multicolored and gives the suggestion of plants in a jungle or elaborately printed wallpaper.

Into The Light

Brett Halperin

Twitter: @bretthalp Instagram: @j3rett Portfolio:

the words "Into The Light" written in all of the kidpix stamps representing light - bulbs, lightning, stars, candles and etc. - over a backdrop that appears as a tapestry of colored lights and lightning bolts. A border is made up of suns and lightning bolts and angel wings.



instagram: ponyo5191

Red canyon walls in front of a grey sky, two birds fly in the distance. In the foreground a small creek is lined with greenery, nearby are several cacti.



instagram: ponyo5191

In the foreground a lake, lined with treed hills. These recede into rocky peaks. Ponyo!!! is written in the top right corner.

Girls Like Us Will Leave You Gagging

Michael Fowler / sm00pa

Twitter: @sm00pa

Abstract bear face over a grey background. Hearts for eyes and the suggestion of blade sunglasses. a hand gives an upsidedown peace sign, with long red nails. The words "Girls like us will leave you gagging" are written on the right side in many colors and lettering styles

Red cat plays chess problems on the computer

A drawing of a computer screen on the left side has a chess board on it, and a red and white cat uses the mouse to play chess. A lamp is on the right behind the cat.

an octopus & a duck picking mushrooms in an upside-down forest. a squirrel is coming across the forest & a cat is defying gravity


twitter: @the_nomi

an orange octopus floating in a bed of clouds plucks a blue mushroom from an upside-down tree. a white duck holds a basket of many-colored musrooms. a black cat floats above the octopus. behind them all are many trees both right-side up and upside down, in many colors of blue, sprouting mushrooms of all kinds

Susan Kare


twitter: @the_nomi

Realistic drawing, Susan Kare lounges on a gray backdrop, smiling, wearing bluejeans and a grey sweatshirt and red and gray new balance shoes. She is surrounded by stamps and patterns of all sorts in many bright colors.

Laurence Fishburne as Othello


twitter: @the_nomi

realistic drawing of Lawrence Fishburne with a goatee, wearing an Elizabethan style leather vest and white shirt with puffy sleeves, and gold earrings. his arms are crossed and he is looking to the left. behind him an orange  background is decorated with green plants and stamps of people and creatures.

Alec Guinness as Jacob Marley


twitter: @the_nomi

A blue man dressed in a white suit with white bandaging wrapped around his head, floats in a black space. He has chains wrapped around his body that are attached to a lockbox and keys. the black space is accented with blue lines and blue outlined cubes, some with purple scribbles inside, and a single lightning bolt over the figure's right shoulder



From the artist: It had to be that small cause of saving limitations on my Windows 98 PC! I made it years ago on my stream on my childhood CD of Kidpix Deluxe, which is still sitting around somewhere and I occasionally break out to make Bob Ross inspired pieces like this. This is by far the best one, though. I think Bob would really appreciate us making art inspired by his videos using outdated and silly software like Kidpix!

A semi-abstract desert landscape, two large cacti in the foreground on the right with a red river in the center extending to the distance. Brown and maroon hills extend to maroon mountains, an orange sun is on the horizon in a pink and purple sky with the suggestion of wispy clouds



Blue background with a yellow sun, in the foreground there is a floating island with grass and brown rocks on the top and exposed dirt underneath, the suggestion of icicles flowing from it at three points. on top, a bluebird sits on a rock.




An anthropomorphic cougar wearing blue shorts and a headband lounges on a patterned rug, holding a sword. a tea set is in front of him, sitting in the grass. There are several other rugs around, and in the background the suggestion of trees and buildings. A bubble floats to the left of the cat, over his shoulder


abstract geometrics in blue and purple on a black background. webs and lightning bolts and spirals inside and outside of two suggested brackets. is scrawled across the bottom

picnic at prospect park


a picnic on grassy green hills with trees in the background. the central tree has oranges. there are many many animals of all kinds, eating and flying kites. all the creatures are made with the built-in stamps and are very cute.

picnic at prospect park

I went to earth and all I got was this stupid shirt.

Victor Castaneda H
the background is a checkerboard pattern of many colors. in the top left corner a purple and blue and red eye/sun hovers, over an abstracted city scape being attacked by yellow centipedes made of sun stamps and ufos made of CDs shooting lasers. on the right a creature with two big eyes in a purple face looks out at the viewer with a gaping mouth.

Mustard City

Alyssa B Keil
an abstracted cityscape in mostly yellow with accents of rainbow colors

Circus Tent

Alyssa B Keil
An abstracted rainbow construction on a black background

Purple Gotham

Alyssa B Keil
creatures dance on a rainbow abstract construction over a purple background

Design Uncentered Milk Label

Ethan Omo
Black and white stripes interspersed with a black and white gridded swirl and multicolored dots. Towards the top left, a green circle with a red circle inside of it, with purple text reading "A KidPix Picture By" and black text reading "OOM
And below that black text reading WWW THIS with a strawberry for a dot.

6 Ft

Parker Davis
An abstracted green figure wearing pink pants in a brown coffin. Scribbly text reads '6 FT' in the lower right corner.


Parker Davis
A tan figure in the center with a green head and a black and pink mohawk tail stands in front of a suggestion of a board that has a red robot drawing and the letters "ABC" on it. A speech bubble says "POETRY"


Parker Davis
An abstract red townscape over a magenta background, surrounded by suggestions of tumbleweeds in white and brown and green. Blue swirls and rays in front of and over the town suggest a storm.


Parker Davis
An arachnid-like creature of human arms and legs under abstract yellow, magenta and black markings

Horse meets cat

Lis Wal
A yellow cat meets an orange and black horse over a brown background

Chill Dude

A purple stick figure giving a thumbs up surfs in black space, over the suggestion of an earth facing away from an orange sun.

the calling

A black background with radial red objects on the left side and red lines on the right. White grids are under the red. Across the top a suggestion of flowering ribbons.


Vitamin C


A multicolored representation of a computer screen, with trees on the screen and a plaid like pattern behind. 2 red hearts adorn the screen.

Borderless Error

A purple textured background over which a yellow and black arcing graph fills the lower left corner extending up to the right, and a square and circle in yellow, magenta and blue strips fill the top right corner.


A textured suggestion of multicolored mountains over a grey background

00324/no tether

a green and blue swirling geometric shape over a black background

00347/xrx cosmos

A pixellated black and white suggestion of a galaxy, with a detailed view in the center

giraffe, window, flea

Black background with white boxes cascading from top left to bottom right. The text "Sometimes I Think I Can Hear It" and "Do you have a mouth" is over and through the boxes in dark gray, almost illegible.

Get Lost

A multicolored background of geometric shapes, over which a black stick figure pushes another black stick figure. The pusher says "Play lost ark" and the pushed says "no"

Easy Reader


A foxlike creature with a mane of flower petals has a worm like creature emerging from its mouth. multi-colored wormy flowers surround it. A moon smiles in the top right corner.

Clusterduck emerging from the internet of people and things


Clusterduck is an interdisciplinary collective working in the fields of new media, design and art, investigating processes and actors behind the creation of digital content. Their projects often lay a special focus on the study of memetic symbology.

The KidPix user interface reads KidPix: Clusterduck. a yellow doglike creature in the center of a magenta and blue and cyan map with many different creatures. the bottome reads

Stabby Stab Stabbity Stab Stab Stab (in the virtual world)

Ava Heller
A hand holds a large knife over an abstract background. Black and white and gray


Mikhaela Boyles
an abstract portrait of a person smiling with purple hair, green skin, undereyes like butterfly wings, caterpillars for eyebrows.

Early Evening

Black rectangle on top, white rectangle on the bottom, both outlined in red. Outlines of circles in yellow go across the bottom of the black rectangle.

null island cartography

will sōderberg...
Marbled black, red and blue geometric elements over a white background, suggesting a map that got caught in a blender

pleasant dreams

A long haired figure with eyes closed sits at a desk, with a thought bubble full of skulls and spiders

Dreamers Entombed

Louie Zong
3 yellow towers in front of a starry blue sky with white clouds. 4 windows in the central tower have small faces inside

Glitch 2.0

Killian Cullity (age 11)
Swirling yellow, black, white, orange and purple, with small rectangular copies of different sections layered over the top

planet kitty

The kid pix starting splash screen, but the bottom right corner has been overtaken by  catlike figure with creatures living on its back

inside windows

Zackery Schierer
a gray blue background with gray green rectangles over the top, each a different abstract window scene.

inside wind0w

Zackery Schierer
green and black wide stripes with outlined parallelograms in gray and yellow. a dinosaur and a plane. a line of ants.

Intensity and the Mundane

Jackie Liu
A ten-panel comic arranged in 3 rows of 3 with the 10th panel in the bottom center. 
panel 1: a starry sky, the words "This February I spent some time reading a book about love" in white
panel 2: an extension of the starry sky, with some topographic suggestions. the words "according to it, we desire love so badly because it makes us feel like we can reach beyond the "topography of everyday reality""
panel 3: a frame with 2 figures, a closer frame of a hand. the words "a tender caress can shed the layers of the mundane"
panel 4: a frame with two faces nearly kissing, a smaller frame with 2 hands touching. behind the frames suggestions of radiowaves. the words "To access a more transcendental existential frequency"
panel 5: A face, half 2-tone white and blue, half colored in, split diagonally. the words "For a fleeting moment i remembered what it was like. deep presence. intesity. passion. the sublime. surrender. the feeling of falling outside time."
panel 6: a figure wearing a mask and a striped shirt and a crossbody bag, outside. the words "The fabric of ordinary life these days is a numbing weave of mendacity and devastation. For a long time I’ve been living as a shell of myself."
panel 7: a clipboard with a checklist and a pencil. the words "But lately I’m starting to crave more. I try to take inventory of the little things that make me feel here, and feel real."
panel 8: a plate of food and a window with a curtain over it "Sharing a good meal. The sunlight when it goes through my sheer curtains."
panel 9: an ice skater, a city view out a train window. the words "Watching Nathan Chen beat a world record. Taking the q at just the right time"
panel 10: a small frame, a close up of a woman's face with a mask on. the larger frame, a woman looks out a window sitting on a bench. the words "Maybe the ability to yearn again is its own form of hope. Fin."

Service With A Smile!

Cory McKague
Jeff Bezos in a cowboy hat and red cape/bandana stands on the moon in a ray of blue light, with saturn in the background, holding up an amazon box

Screen Test

Maeve Mallers
A pale blue background with white line figures, outlines of square boxes, mathematical notations, a green graph, and swirling blue and gray clouds


Elise Schierbeek
gray background with blue and red checkerboard, brown abstract figures, tan blocks of color, and many many rabits


Iris Luo
a black background with many squares of pale yellow and lavendar and lines of purple and pink


Ethan Proia
lavender, brown and teal bands of color with multicolored circles, brown squares, and swirling patterns

ow it hurts

Ethan Proia
green and black moire pattern with a circle suggested in the top left quadrant


Yash Flee
Pink background with darker pink and cyan clouds in the center like candies


Ashley Peresie
black background with suggestions of trees and organic shapes in gray, blocked out in smaller white-outline frames


Clark Woods
a large pink circle with white star shapes over it, a blue and purple pool  and white and red patterns in the back. the words CONTAINMENT BREACH in white and yellow


Clark Woods
a roll of toilet paper on a red wall. a white wall with the words "All that shits doesn't wipe" in blue repeating letters


Clark Woods
A suggestion of a table in a room with a checkered background, the words WAKE UP on the tabletop


a tan background with black and green lines mapping across it, with many symbols scattered across the field

Cigarette Skeleton

head and shoulders view of a skeleton with a cigarette in its teeth

Brain Itch

a pink cat head with a heart on its forehead, on a green and pink background, with the suggestion of a game interface down either side in black bars framing the image. The words BRAIN ITCH in orange above and below the cat head

Guernica Revisited

Curtis Tucker
A horse in the center overlayed with many squares holding brick patterns, faces, abstract patterns

Truth Coming Out Of Her Well

Adrienne / toasty_rolls
A recreation of the oil painting Truth Coming Out Of Her Well - a nude female figure crawls screaming from a well

Judith Beheading Holofernes

Adrienne / toasty_rolls
A recreation of the oil painting Judith Beheading Holofernes, two women hold a man over a tub and remove his head

After Joe

Michelle Taransky
the words Lies on My repeated a number of times, over purple and pink and black circular markings. stamps of cacti and computers outline the text.

Cat Planet

Rani Das

Name - Rani Das School- Kerr Elementary, Allen Texas Grade- 1st

two pink creatures with cat ears next to a yellow sun. one says Mrow!. the one with wings is labeled Cat Gem, the smaller is labeled Kitten Gem

Cat Planet

Rani Das

Name - Rani Das School- Kerr Elementary, Allen Texas Grade- 1st

a blue and a brown cat figure on a water-like ground with a yellow sun. the blue cat is labeled sky cat and the brown is labeled common cat.