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Phygital Evolutions

Within the World Titled Phygital Evolution
Credited to SLSA 2021 Arts Lounge
Opening date October 2nd, 2021
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Phygital Evolutions - Works by Bogna Konior, Tony Yanick, Peter Nelson, & Yvette Granata.

Across terrestrial life and machinic environments, the processes of energy transfer, conflict, and extinction drive the evolution of both species and signals. While phylogenetics studies the evolutionary history of a particular species or group, tracing the lines of descent and inter-species relationships among groups of organisms, this event thinks through various forms of ‘phylo-digital evolutions’, or Phygital Evolution, as the evolutionary histories of terrestrial life within a digital environment. Works in the program wander through the branches of the entropic processes of cyberculture as a dark forest theory, look to the potentials of generative adversarial tree networks, and mine the digital history of phytoestrogenic reproductive conflict. Rather than ‘cybernetics’ - or the equillibrium feedback systems of human dreams - we pose a ‘natureculture’ of the digital as an environmental contingency and as a theoretical mode (for generative forms of theory, media art, and digital archives), based in internet conflict, extinctions, adversarial networks, and digital abortions.

3D Environment Description:

Phygital Evolutions entrance room with portals to individual artist rooms.