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RCA - Diffracted Sensibilities Artificial Gaze

Within the World Titled RCA - Diffracted Sensibilities Artificial Gaze
Credited to Royal College of Art
Opening date March 31st, 2022
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Diffracted Sensibilities. Artificial Gaze is a virtual exhibition that has been shaped around the same named elective course at the School of Communication, Royal College of Art (London, UK). As a collective, we look at ways of rethinking and reframing artificial intelligence (AI), inviting new perspectives, nonhuman centered conversations, speculations and storytelling that empowers diversity in understanding intelligence, liveness and sensuousness.

Diffracted Sensibilities. Artificial Gaze looks at sentient AI, digital queer ecologies, parallel realities and other futures with a focus on ethics of technology, politics and poetics of storytelling situated in a queer-feminist context. It diffracts multiple points of view on the subject matter, deconstructing the colonial language structures around AI. Informed by contemporary art, philosophy, communication environments, science and technology studies, it develops ways of seeing the world around us through cognitive assemblages (N. Kathryn Hayles), sympoietic relations (Donna Haraway) and distribution of the sensuous.

In friendship,
Anna Nazo

Exhibiting artists:
Aiden Kasper Shabka, Amir Jahanbin, Chleo Li, Claire Breach, Mariana Neves, Rong Shi, Tongyu Zheng, Weihang Zhu, Wenhui Jiang, Xiangyu Wang, Xizhen Ning, Yijin Zhao, Yue Zhuo, Ziou Ye.

Curated by Anna Nazo.
3D Environment by Amir Jahanbin.
Soundscape by Rhubarcode (Claire Breach).

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Post-destination portal

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Portal to Post-Destination (CyberIdentity) Exhibit

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CyberIdentity Portal

Artwork Description:

Portal to CyberIdentity exhibit

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Coevolution with Technology Portal

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Portal to Coevolution with Technology exhibit

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Artist name Rhubarcode