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Otrus Extraviadus NFT Gallery

Within the World Titled Mundo Otrus
Credited to Otrus Extraviadus
Opening date March 16th, 2021
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✧Otrus Extraviadus, is a latent body in continuous implosion and expansion, opens spaces to poetic and political events through the construction of networks of affection, online-offline experiments.

Artworks in this space:

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* ・゚✧ Sigil and map *・゚✧

Artist name Otrus Extraviadus
Artwork Description:

Otrus Extraviadus is a latent body in continuous implosion and expansion. we are the same unfolding and inhabiting different dimensions, that give us the possibility of multiple faces. This mythical manifesto is an action, an activity, a movement and it would not be possible if it did not invoke exchange, encounter, becoming, chance and friendship. Otrus Extraviadus opens spaces to poetic and political events through the construction of networks of affection and online-offline experiments. The question starts with how do we create a new way of life? What are the rules of this game?✨ We begin with collaborative work based on differences, thanks to the ephemeral creation of experimental tribes. We build this parallel world as a result of multiple actions and conversations that can exist here. We see this space as a place to continuously growing, changing, updating. Sharing your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions with us is what gives life to this world. All the material found in this interface we don’t only call it "art" but can also be considered as offerings, talismans or rhizomes, which we send to you as supporters of this stellar game. Love them, pass them, hate them, burn them, ask them questions, hack their forms. Conceive it as a subject to review, open source, pirate software, an open platform for continuous discussion and incessant precipitation of bodies. Or don't see them if you don't want to go dance instead! 🌐How is it possible to world-building a new world from and within chaosmosis? We have asked that question to ourselves and we extend the invitation of the doubt to you. The presence of unresolved contradictions is noticed, and if you were believing that we built a beautiful utopia or a self-help group, you can forget everything and go back to the beginning because where you thought all the answers were, new questions arrived. To create this parallel world with seven dimentiosn and characters that We like to call “machine monsters” we investigate macabre xeno-goddesses to rediscover them in magic from detachment in our own flesh and voice. Since the incorporation of the post-UFO, we seek to mutate and take notions of self-identity to the extreme. We look for the possible construction of our own categories regardless of the notion of the real, inhabiting irony, contradiction and conflict. Beyond the utopian we run away and start from a dystopia. And we can only guess how that experience is configured with the body of others. Otrus Extraviadus is perhaps, being something else that is not yet known what form it has, more than a result, it is a conversation, a process that has no destination yet. Because there are certain things that cannot be understood at a conceptual level, you have to live/feel them. Let's live the delirium, the un-automate The plane of fantasy and the plane of reality. Because we inhabit the two dimensions. There is no genesis, there is no specific order. We are not an author or individual thought, we are legion. And if it is not understood, we invite you to live it as a call to experiment. Otrus Extraviadus XENOR Conspiración ఠీੂ೧ູ࿃ूੂʞoɹʞ ʞoɹʞ ʞoɹʞ ʞoɹʞ✧ළඕั✧ı̴̴̡​)​ʃ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡ ꐑ​(​ཀ ඊູ ఠీੂ೧ູ࿃ूੂ ʞoɹʞ ʞoɹʞ ʞoɹʞ࿃ूੂੂ࿃ूੂළඕั✧ı̴̴̡ʞoɹʞ ʞoɹʞ ʞoɹʞ 3D x trvshologram Graphic Design x Natalia Barragán Nieto Web Developer Mur4kyt

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_̴̜͗̄̄̄̈́̃͛͛͝ ://ᴛᴇᴄʜɴᴏ_ _̴͗̄̄̄̈́̃͛͛͝

Artwork Description:

I’m a bug🐛 souls doesn’t exist Internet Corrupted🦿 I have no history UFO hacker👽 alienation is my new make up tutorial. Alien angel🦋 Goddess of multiple avatars Generator of artificial faces Sexually I identify myself with all the universe's chaos🌪️ Claim Er0000_oo00r a lost knowledge liquid labyrinth Intestinal epiphany🐙 last night, we talk in dreams through virtual signals paradoxy territory and crepuscular bump. 01:14 1200x1200 3D: Trvshologrvm sound: Aisha the Robot

NFT On Foundation
Artwork title


Artwork Description:

We want to dance this pagan dance with you as its the last one💃🏽 either ideal nor expectation help this do-gooder spell 👁️ Friend, xoxo💋 👠we’re savage, with twisted tongues gelatinous drunk plague💄 Because our shining moanings tear up us in gestures, dislocations and gurgling 🌹 with sexual, irrational and feverish movements Xeno-witchcraft as an invitation 🦋Emerge with the strength of my ass in destruction 🔥 02:49 640x640 3D and Sound: Malona Lakrata

NFT on Foundation