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Within the World Titled Small Press Traffic FREAKOPHONE WORLD Reading & Exhibition
Credited to Madison McCartha
Opening date February 18th, 2022
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Madison McCartha brings together a cosmic group of poets and artists to celebrate FREAKOPHONE WORLD (Inside the Castle, 2021).

Live performers include Madison McCartha, Ava Hofmann, Never Angeline North, Vi Khi Nao, Anaïs Duplan

Friday, February 18
6pm pacific / 9pm eastern

Co-presented by Mills College Creative Writing Program and the Place for Writers and supported in part by Poets & Writers

Exhibition Space Designed by Saul Villegas

3D Environment Description:

Through stygian caverns and other enclosures, this exhibition space consists of three regions; one for the group exhibit of Never Angeline North, Ava Hofmann, and Vi Khi Nao, and two others each containing a sequence of visual art objects from Madison McCartha's debut book, FREAKOPHONE WORLD.

Artworks in this space:

Artwork title

anterior cave

Welcome to the companion exhibition for the Release Reading of Madison McCartha's FREAKOPHONE WORLD. This event is co-sponsored by Small Press Traffic, the Place for Writers, and the Mills College Creative Writing Program. Here you'll find work by four out of the five readers: Ava Hofmann, Never Angeline North, Vi Khi Nao, and Madison McCartha. Each artist here engages in art-making practices that agitate in the space between the reader and the text, pressing a finger at the boundaries of the genre we call poetry. As a navigational note: Nao, North, and Hoffman share a space in the cave to your left, while McCartha's work can be found in the two galleries outside. Feel free to explore. I hope you'll enjoy the work -Madison McCartha