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Catalog view is the alternative 2D representation of our 3D virtual art space. This page is friendly to assistive technologies and does not include decorative elements used in the 3D gallery.

Space Title

TaurosDAO Art Gallery -1

Within the World Titled TaurosDAO-museum
Credited to Sygorm
Opening date January 1st, 2021
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First Circle (Limbo)

Danteโ€™s First Circle of Hell is resided by virtuous non-Christians and unbaptized pagans who are punished with eternity in an inferior form of Heaven. They live in a castle with seven gates which symbolize the seven virtues. Here, Dante sees many prominent people from classical antiquity such as Homer, Socrates, Aristotle, Cicero, Hippocrates, and Julius Caesar.

3D Environment Description:

Thus it is willed there, where what is willed can be done

Artworks in this space: