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About New Art City

New Art City is a toolkit and community for online exhibitions. Every show is a 3D multiplayer environment, designed and built using our online drag & drop editor. Visitors can see each other and chat while exploring the exhibitions. Popular shows can support hundreds of visitors at the same time from all over the world. And you can access shows on any desktop or mobile device in your web browser, without registering, downloading or configuring anything. Artists using our toolkit have built installations that range from pragmatic to wildly imaginative. And you can install alone or together with your team in real time.

New Art City gives all artwork a global stage, which transforms traditional art and offers a new native format for digital art. We are an artist run organization and we are dedicated to supporting artists in everything we do, especially those who face barriers in the traditional fine art world. That's why we provide virtual space to those who are denied physical space, and why we promote and amplify work by queer artists and artists of color. We are building a system which empowers artists to realize the impossible, and dream a new type of art.

Our creative team is, Martin Mudenda Bbela, Christina Lelon, Benny Lichtner and Sammie Veeler.

How We Curate

We believe in new art, and the value of bringing new people, new ideas and new technologies into the art world. In order to do that, all exhibitions curated by New Art City prioritize:

  1. Showing work from internet artists who are underrepresented in the art world, e.g. due to their race, gender, sexuality or aesthetic.
  2. Showing work from artists who are new to the art world, and may have never been in an exhibition before or never had a solo show.
  3. Showing work from artists who will push the limits of technology and the medium to create a new kind of exhibition that can only be realized in virtual space.