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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a "room" in New Art City?

Each room is a unique URL where visitors can view an exhibition. Some exhibitions consist of multiple rooms connected by URL Portals, which could be for stylistic reasons or because the page load time was too great for a single room.

Artwork Sales & NFTs

Can I sell artwork and NFTs using New Art City?

We allow creators to attach hyperlinks to any artwork that they upload, which can be used to link to any NFT platform that you are using. New Art City requires a 10% commission fee on any artwork that you sell in this way.


How can I archive and preserve my exhibition after it's over?

We are currently working on an export feature that allows room owners to generate a ZIP folder containing all the necessary files to host their room long-term on any webserver. This generates a static webpage, and does not include features for multiplayer, livestreaming or editing.


What media formats can be shown in New Art City?

In short: images, videos, audio and 3D files. Please see our File Format Guidelines for specifics.

Are there size limitations for media?

There are no strict limits for combined file sizes in a room, but every additional file increases the load time of the page, and exhibition designers must keep this in mind. Media is automatically converted into optimized formats, but per-file there is an upload limit of 500MB. Please see our File Format Guidelines for specifics.

User & Editor Experience

Does New Art City meet accesibility standards?

Each 3D installation also generates a matching 2D catalog view with images and metadata, which serves as an accessible layer friendly to assistive technologies. Exhibition designers are responsible for entering alt-text and descriptions of their environments to make this view a fully accessible experience. Our tool has passed VPAT compliance, and can be used in public universities.


Is New Art City compatible with VR headsets?

Not yet, but we have built it in a way where this will be possible in the future.

What technology is New Art City running on?

The gallery view is built using the open source 3D rendering library, three.js. Everything else is a custom system using standard web technology.

Question Not Answered?

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