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Catalog view is the alternative 2D representation of our 3D virtual art space. This page is friendly to assistive technologies and does not include decorative elements used in the 3D gallery.

Space Title

Upon The Shore

Within the World Titled Six Minutes Past Nine - Pilot Residential
Credited to Cecilia Tyrrell
Opening date August 29th, 2022
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Main image for Upon The Shore



The island waits, resting on the periphery of my mind.
There it lies, within a fjord, searching for the horizon.
Across the water, mountains rise shoulder to shoulder.
Like the island, they watch too, gazing out, dormant under the sun.

Here is a world where night and day exist as one, where seasons shift to the wind that rules, scattering terrain and remnants of memory across the landscape.

3D Environment Description:

A purple fog-filled void.
Screens with moving images displaying mountains, snow covered landscapes and waves lapping on black sand beaches are spaced out all around, above and below.
In the distance, multi coloured-swirling shapes cover the periphery of the space. - they become clearer, the closer you get.
As you move around, you encounter different sounds, distant waves, wind trapped in a window, flag poles tapping, Ptarmigan chatting in the landscape.
As you rise, the sonic space expands, sounds feel distant. Ice melting and birds calling over the air.
As you descend down, more subterranean muffled sounds appear. Underwater engines and submarine like sonar.