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Catalog view is the alternative 2D representation of our 3D virtual art space. This page is friendly to assistive technologies and does not include decorative elements used in the 3D gallery.

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hypnagogic highways

Within the World Titled Six Minutes Past Nine - Pilot Residential
Credited to Christopher Michael
Opening date August 29th, 2022
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virtual worlds are much like the space between a dream and reality. while virtual spaces have their own kind of physicality — with a unique sense of logic and assemblage of reality — they often feel hallucinogenic, existing outside our own materiality. when utilized correctly they can inspire a hypnagogic state in their users, allowing us to drift into dreamlike states where reality becomes increasingly slippery. for some strange reason, the sensation and stimulation of driving on virtual roads in video games seems to particularly trigger these transcendental moments. driving through virtual roads creates a distinctly meditative state, a virtual highway hypnosis which provokes an altered state of consciousness.

welcome to the HYPNAGOGIC HIGHWAY, a space where we can come together to explore the outer reaches of our own consciousness by exploring these virtual roads. this space lives outside your immediate reality, with its own, unique, rationale. you are encouraged to spend time exploring and getting lost, entering and exiting each box and sphere as you see fit. there is no correct route to take or way to experience it, just follow your intuition and enjoy yourself.