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Edition 365

Within the World Titled Edition 365
Credited to 1854 and British Journal of Photography
Opening date November 9th, 2021
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From 1854 and British Journal of Photography in collaboration with New Art City, welcome to Edition365: a portrait of the year that changed everything. pandemic swept the world in March 2020, all of humanity have shared – and documented – an extraordinary experience. History has unfurled in front of our eyes; cracks in our systems have been magnified, and across oceans and borders, ways of thinking, acting and existing remain in flux.

Uniting the voices of renowned photographers, emerging artists and everyday people alike, Edition365 is a vast and immersive digital exhibition. All of the work was created between 11 March 2020, when the World Health Organisation officially announced a global pandemic, and 10 March 2021: 365 days, captured in 365 artworks, by a vast and dynamic array of creators from around the world.

Traversing tales of love, loss, hope, solidarity - humankind’s collective will to resist, persist and rebuild – the exhibition is among the most ambitious New Art City has ever attempted: a once-in-a-century photography collection, conceived to stand as a historical reference for decades to come.

Edition365 has been curated and produced by Sammie Veeler, Don Hanson and Héloise Winstone. Thank you to the exhibition teams, the judges of the award, artists and partners for bringing the show to life.

Exclusively on OpenSea, each individual work will be available to own as an NFT, alongside the full exhibited collection.

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Edition 365 Owner's Gallery

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This virtual exhibition is being minted as an NFT in partnership with Opensea. More information on BJP's minting process here.

The owner of this exhibition receives a personal gallery where they can show their favorite pieces from Edition 365, along with any other multimedia (including NFTs) they like.