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Looking Out // Looking Over

Peter Basma-Lord Opened March 22nd, 2021 View 3D Gallery
Poster image for Looking Out // Looking Over


Pulled between places and pulled between people. A document of my mum's formative years living between Sierra Leone, Lebanon, and England.

Of loss. Of longing. Of belonging.

My knowledge and understanding of these places I've never visited are informed by the personal words and histories of my mum and the detached observations of Google maps and image searches.

Artworks in this room:

Air Raid and Civil War

Peter Basma-Lord // Lena Basma

Wanted A Boy

Peter Basma-Lord // Lena Basma

Stealing Oranges and Bullet Holes and Emptiness

Peter Basma-Lord // Lena Basma

Boarding School and Sun

Peter Basma-Lord // Lena Basma

Green Grass and Mana'eesh

Peter Basma-Lord // Lena Basma