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The Release無量

Within the World Titled Wuji無極
Credited to uglykiki
Opening date March 24th, 2021
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Imagine one day, we will all upload our consciousness to the cloud and abandon physical bodies.....
We live as virtual beings, and we all die physically. What object/thing shall we bring together with us? What is considered monumental in the material world? What are our sacred offerings to the virtual world and future life?

The Release無量 is an art project inspired by human traditions regarding death. Whether the human spirit is attached to the material world is the main concept of this project. In many cultures, people bury or burn their favorite objects such as treasure, photos, books, clothes with their bodies after they pass away. Where the souls go or whether they rely on material matters in their next journey is unknown, we still consider funerary objects and offerings to the dead indispensable. Spiritually, sacred offerings serve as tickets to a new paradise or remind those deceased to remember their roots and legacy. For those souls who wander in our place rather than enter the spiritual realm, we sometimes burn papercrafts like paper money, paper-made iPhones, which might relieve those lost souls.

A ceremony held for redeeming souls from regrets and reliving those alive's sorrows will also be hosted by priests/priestesses, who will unite people and guide them to pray for good together. After the ceremony, souls are considered to be released finally from pain and suffers, physically and mentally.

In this exhibition, I invited people to reflect on their lives and bring sacred offerings to the virtual world. They also make a wish, pray for their future virtual version selves. Their offerings to the virtual world are being transformed into 3D files and remixed into a brainwave generative art.

人類的精神是否依附於物質生活,是本作品探討的目標。至今我仍然會感到疑惑,如果我們將要意識上傳,作為純粹虛擬如同程式碼的存在,為什麼有人還會想要攜帶物質一起前往虛擬世界呢? 我理想中的虛擬世界,是無邊無量的,連同感官和氣味都能被模擬出來的,是一個開闊的場域,等待我盡情遨遊探索,然而對於許多人而言,意識上傳就如同死亡一樣,是既新奇卻又讓人感到恐懼的。死後的自己會剩下什麼,還能保有多少的自我? 那些愛恨情仇會消失嗎? 因此,有人選擇攜帶家人的照片、有人選擇攜帶自己的寵物,有人選擇攜帶能代表緣分和回憶的物件。如同死後需要陪葬品一般,在最後的旅途時,能夠帶給我們慰藉的,到底是甚麼? 能夠安心讓人前往新的世界的,到底是什麼?

Artworks in this space:

Artwork title

No. 16

Artwork Description:

I offer: a photo of sky.僕の人生はこの空から始まった。
I pray: その純真な創造力を忘れないでください、あとその猫も。
Released: 04.08.2021 16:56

Artwork title

No. 17

Artwork Description:

I offer: a family photo. This photo was taken on March 19, 2000 – on the day of Nowruz (Persian New Year). It's the most important celebration of the year in Persian culture and also the first day of Spring. I chose this photo because it reminds me of how important family (mom, dad and sister) and my culture are to me.
I pray: she doesn't forget her origins and the process of how she came to be the version she is.

Released: 04.12.2021 19:05

Artwork title

No. 12

Artwork Description:

I offer: a piggy bank. It is a piggy bank of a rhino or some creature made out of ceramic. I am not sure where we got it from but it has been with our family since I was a baby. We have saved our coins in it and holds deep sentimental value. It has been on a journey with our family through hard times and better times. We always try to save some money for better days.
I pray for a healthy and prosperous future for my family.

Released: 03.16.2021 21:48

Artwork title

No. 1

Artwork Description:

I offer: 我想要攜帶一顆蠟燭,在陌生的環境如果感到害怕希望有熟悉的味道帶來安全感。 
I pray: 用心感受、聆聽,記住當下所接觸到的感受。小心安全。

Released: 03.02.2021 17:32

Artwork title

No. 14

Artwork Description:

I offer: the smell of the first spring rain in Maryland. The smell of wet dirt and grass. 
It is a new start for the ecosystem, after rain coming new life.

I pray: Don't be afraid of trying something new and don't worry what others think.   

Released: 03.17.2021 04:01

Artwork title


Artwork Description:

I offer: a Polaroid SX70 Sonar Camera with me. 
So I can take polaroids in the virtual afterlife.
I pray: To continue being creative.

Released: 03.18.2021 21:05

Artwork title

No. 11

Artwork Description:

I offer: 文字。人類語言的記載,飽含愛與希望、喜、怒、哀、樂,甚至秘密、慾望、妄想或醜陋。
I pray: 希望能忠於自己

Released: 03.03.2021 09:59

Artwork title

No. 4

Artwork Description:

I offer:  想攜帶「自我」。如何才不會跟其他人消融在一起?
I pray: 不要忘記自己是誰。 Don't forget who you are. 

Released: 03.03.2021 05:04

Artwork title

No. 9

Artwork Description:

I offer: 書,喜歡書拿在手上的感覺 還有持續翻閱得到的知識。
I pray: 不要忘記真實的自己

Released: 03.03.2021 07:17

Artwork title

The Release - Brainwave Generative Art

Artwork Description:

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Artwork title

The Release Collective Poem

Artwork Description:

May we remember the smells of first spring rain, a new start brings new life


May we remember the way we sense the world,

Smells the wet dirt and grass and the candles help us sleep well.

May we also enjoy the first person perspective,

I see you and I reflect you.


May we still write, talk, communicate with each other,

with the hearts that embrace any emotions and secrets.


May we appreciate the protections, from self-ego, from our parents,

from books and knowledge, from anonymous forums and firewalls.

May we accept the experience at different ages.

So we cherish our origins and enjoy the virtual world.

We pray for a healthy and prosperous future for our family.

We pray for being fearless and free.

Only be true to ourselves. 不要忘記真實的自己。

Have a good trip!

Don't be afraid of trying something new and don't worry what others think.

We appreciate all the transformation, and continue being creative.


Being now and safe.

We pray for the release.

Full Lyric of Collective Poem