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uglykiki Opened March 24th, 2021 View 3D Gallery
Poster image for Wuji無極


Wuji無極 is a virtual sound installation that explores the boundaries of human bodies. In Wuji, human figures are intertwined, the identities are eliminated, and the personal boundaries for those bodies are blurring. The distorted and entangled visual connects my childhood memory of playing with Chinese knots. Before creating written characters and languages, ancient Chinese use knots to communicate and record histories. After thousands of years of iterations, today, the Chinese knot is no longer a tool for preserving history but a decoration that inherits the spirit of unity. Through twisting, weaving, and binding, all ropes are tied tightly to strengthen the beliefs of unity in traditional Chinese culture.
In Wuji無極, the viewer will travel through the city constructed by human forms and look up at the central tower but never have the chance to reach the sky, like ancestors who built the tower of Babel but fail due to god's punishment. Nowadays, differences and barriers among people have been extended to national, racial, and gender issues. In Wuji, a more united world can be imagined. When the physical forms and differences between individuals no longer limit us, a pure existence that presents the concept the infinity is emerging.

Artworks in this space:

Wuji Tower

Kiki Wu