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Skin Garden: Walk-ins Welcome

Within the World Titled Skin Garden
Credited to Output Field
Opening date June 18th, 2021
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Walk-ins Welcome is a digital tattoo showroom of tattoos incorporating digital mediums (e.g. 3D modeling, virtual reality, digital painting). The soundscape is assembled from residual sounds of a tattoo in session: plastic crinkling, ink shaking, machines whirring.

Advances in image-rendering have become interwoven into the process of tattooing, and archived onto skin. More and more, this analog art form has seen a shift towards the digital and the experimental. Walk-ins Welcome is a showcase of tattooers who have embraced this shift in their practice.

This sculpture garden features flash available for your skin, etched onto fleshy structures. The space is encased in skeletal walls sculpted by Lady Bambs.

Feel free to look around, or have a seat. You may excavate new sounds in certain corners of this space.


Artworks in this space:

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Walk-ins Welcome

Artwork Description:

Please, come in. Feel free to take a look around, or have a seat. You may excavate new sounds in certain corners of this space. Walk-ins Welcome is a digital tattoo showroom of tattoos that incorporate digital mediums, (e.g. 3D modeling, virtual reality, or digital painting.) 

The soundscape is assembled from residual sounds of a tattoo in session: bottles shaking, machines winding, plastic crinkling. If you are interested in transferring this digital ink onto your own body, please contact the tattooer directly. 

About Us:

Output Field is a placeless community of experimental artists, curators, and venues. Our mission is to neutralize the canon by linking across disciplines and time zones. We are a non-profit organization shifting the arts from competitive to cooperative paradigms. 

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Walk-ins Welcome

Hyodomachine Hyodomachine is a tattooist currently working in Seoul, Korea. Based on 3D rendering, she designs abstract and curved repetitive images. These designs are not only aimed at morphological beauty but are also used as tools to act as a ruler. These forms reinforce themselves that they are two-dimensional based images that are often and easily distorted and cannot be actual particles. A virtual shadow that exists only within a 3D program also plays the same role. These features betray the general expectation of continuous and invariant tattooing.

Pang is a Chinese-American scratcher based in the Bay Area. Incorporating virtual reality, digital painting, and remote collaboration, she translates movement, pixels, and heritage into ink, into skin

Ilia Zharkov is a Russian tattoo artist, and owner of Moscow-based studio Heavenly Beauty Tattoo. Embodying an absurdist approach, Ilia aims to transpose confusion and surprise onto skin. His style is a mixture of various art trends (including digital art) with experimental spirit.

Lv Dian is a contemporary artist whose creative practice includes tattoo, painting and installation art. He is part of Shanghai-based tattoo collective, Good People Tattoo. With a focus on romance and humor, his style explores the possibility of future human perception of such subjects.